What We Do


We are INATECH, a software consulting and development company,
with offices in Iasi/Romania, Cluj/Romania and in Sindelfingen /Germany.

1. Embedded Software


Inatech has long years of expertise, in various types of embedded systems, for Automotive and Telecom industries. ​Typical projects where you should give us a call:

Automotive: ECUs Base Software, AUTOSAR Communication Stack Components (eg Ethernet, CAN, FlexRay, LIN), Video processing, whole system performance fine tuning, HIL Testing.

Our main customer is Robert Bosch GmbH. For Robert Bosch, we developed first several low level drivers, between 2010 – 2014. Since 2014 we are direct supplier, involved in many projects in various areas of AUTOSAR base software.

2. Measurement instruments


We’re interested in anything related to signal processing, high speed digital signals. Our previous experience includes 10 years of R&D development, on various high end instruments from Keysight (former Agilent Technologies), J-BERT Bit Error testers, DCA Oscilloscopes, IPMI Remote management card (KVM over IP). More recently, in 2013-2014 we developed a Loudness Quality Logger application for our customer, RTW.

3. Cloud development on Azure


Inatech engineers are passionate about mobile & cloud applications.

We developed various mobile apps, a highly scalable interactive cloud game, and since 2014, a medical data sensor analysis and monitoring cloud platform, Patient Data Logging. Quality, expert technical knowledge & customer focus are our company core values.

We believe in products that help people, that are easy to understand and use, that are rock-solid and offer a great user interface. Our continuous iteration process ensures a superior quality level at all stages of the product development.

4. Research & Development services


Inatech offers complete architectural R&D solutions and software development services.We have a team with an excellent mix of skills and experience in embedded systems. 
Our team consists of 18 engineers, as of 2023.

With an ISO 9001 Certification, we are proud of our software quality: our software simply has significant less flaws than the industry average! It is a win-win situation: Customers seem to like it and we work much less on software maintenance! We’re always up to date about new technologies, considering ourselves early-adopters. We’re always near shore, having our R&D offices in Romania, just 2 hours of flight to oru customers in Germany. So why not give us a call?