Sensor Cloud Logging


Sensor Cloud Logging is a cloud based solution for logging massive amounts of measurement instrument data. It is a highly customizable and scalable platform for safely storing, viewing and analyzing sensor data from different types of instruments.

With Sensor Cloud Logging you can:

  • directly save, transfer and restore your data to cloud
  • store all your instrument log in one place, less management effort
  • remote access control and instant view
  • monitor your sensors (configure custom notifications when the data reaches a particular threshold or certain events occur)
  • process and evaluate your data

Application: INATEMP



Inatemp is an intelligent platform for monitoring,
controlling and optimization of refrigeration equipment from
stores and cold rooms.


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INATEMP eliminates replaces manual work of monitoring, logging, and
archiving of HACCP reports

Produces various types of events that are automatically redirected to a notification systems: SMS or Email

Offers to management high level information about the store network

Continuous monitoring (24h/day)

Web user interface



Automation of HACCP reports

Avoidance of human errors in temperature readings and alarm reporting

Monitoring 24h/day, including outside normal working hours

Cost optimization: Automatic monitoring, alarms, network overview and reduce of legal risks

INATEMP is offered as a service. The service includes hardware and maintenance.

Future developments: Data trends analysis is a VERY modern, a powerful instrument, but it needs the basic monitoring as a prerequisite

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