Automotive Embedded Software


We specialize in Autosar communication drivers components for the protocols CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet. We implemented drivers and integrated them in complex test projects on various microcontroller families: Renesas RH850 , Infineon Tricore TC27xx, Freescale MPC57xx, Xilinx Zinq 7000, Texas Instruments TI570xx, ST Microelectronics STV099x...

What we offer:

    • Vehicle level Ethernet network design
    • AVB/TSN design
    • AUTOSAR CryptoStack implementation
    • IPv6 implementation
    • implementation and integration of various AUTOSAR base software and MCAL components
    • multicore performance increase of already existing code
    • review and test the implemented software against requirements.
    • code coverage, MISRA compliance, code analysis and review, fault injection
    • custom projects related to communication components


      • video streaming in AVB protocol
      • gateways
      • fast ECU flashing over Ethernet, CAN FD

Simulator based code coverage and fault injection. We use VLAB software from ASTC to simulate and test our software on RH850 microcontrollers.

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